fnfs Birkett House Design: Heirloom Dahlias
These wonderful dahlias are all heirloom (or heritage) varieties, dating back more than fifty years! The oldest of these is Thomas A. Edison, introduced in 1929. I grow more than two dozen different antique dahlias and hope to continue painting them over the years to come. Please visit my friends at Old House Gardens for more on heirloom dahlias and other antique bulbs!

Dahlia 'Prince Noir'

Dahlia 'Thomas A. Edison'

Dahlia 'Lavengro'

Dahlia 'Sherwood's Peach'

Andries' Orange

This piece is included in the Gardens of Alcatraz Florilegium. Its full Flemish name, 'Andries Oranje As', honors a Jazz Age liqueur from the small Belgian town of As.

Dahlia 'Bloodstone'

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