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Heirloom or heritage vegetables are varieties that have been handed down from gardener to gardener over many years. They were chosen for flavor, but also for their for adaptation to local climates, resistance to pests and many other reasons. They provide a wide pool of genetic diversity within our food crops and deserve to be protected and grown.

Heirloom Pole Beans - Kew Blue and Kentucky Wonder

This piece received the Bourn Award for distinction with an emphasis on
horticultural presentation in the 2012 Filoli Botanical Art Exhibit

Soybean Tai Xing Hei Dou

Violette Artichoke

Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea

Crimson Flowered Fava Bean

Silvery Fir Tree Tomato


Hopkins Stewart Longkeeper Tomato

Dry Beans 1

Wee-Be-Little Pumpkin

Dry Beans 2

Bodega Red Potato

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